How does your company attract, develop, and engage emerging leaders?

Today's emerging leaders value experiences. They are searching for professional development, flexibility, international rotations, and the opportunity to make a social impact. It's a tall order that has left many companies struggling to engage and retain their top performers.

We set out to solve this problem by building Go! – the ultimate leadership development program. Go! enables companies to provide a meaningful experience that taps into Millennials' personal and professional aspirations. Download a 2-page overview of Go! and learn more about the program below.

Attract top talent.

Attract the best prospects by offering the opportunity to live abroad for 2 to 6 weeks.

Develop high-potentials.

Equip high-potentials with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to lead virtual and global teams.

Engage future leaders.

Engage and retain emerging leaders with a rewarding and enriching experience.

"Employees today (particularly Millennials) are looking for employers that inspire passion and allow them to fulfill their professional, personal and social goals."

Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st Century Workforce, Deloitte University Press.

Equip your emerging leaders with the skills and experience to lead virtual and global teams.

The Go! curriculum is highly immersive, experience-based, and designed for participants to complete while continuing to work full-time in their current position. In addition to being fun and engaging, this structure enables participants to learn on-the-job and apply their skills in real time, which leads to a higher degree of learning retention and a bigger impact on job performance. The Go! curriculum is divided into four educational modules.

Module #1: Leadership Branding

Go! empowers participants to discover their individual "leadership brand" through self- assessment, a 360-degree review, a one-on-one session with one of our professional coaches and weekly peer reflection seminars. Learn more ▶

Module #2: Virtual Team Leadership

Go! prepares participants to lead virtual teams through a combination of live classes and team projects. Throughout the module, participants apply concepts in real time - both on-the-job and throughout the team projects. Learn more ▶

Module #3: Global Immersion

Participants spend 15, 30 or 45 days abroad at one of Virtuali's international campuses. They take part in a combination of activities that expose them to international business issues and develop their ability to lead cross-culturally. Learn more ▶

Module #4: Alumni Program

The Go! alumni program provides access to specialized training, professional development activities and a global network of peers and mentors. Learn more ▶

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