Our Story

We started Virtuali because we saw a problem and an opportunity. As more and more Millennials entered the workforce, we watched them leaving job after job, searching for more... More opportunities to learn, to meet new people, to see the world, and to grow.

At the same time, we saw companies struggle to develop and engage these employees. Despite their best efforts, they continually failed to understand that emerging leaders value "experiences" and professional growth above all else.

We set out to bridge this gap by creating unparalleled learning experiences.

Why We're Different

Virtuali is the only leadership development company that is focused on helping companies develop and engage their Millennial employees. This focus guides our research, the types of learning experiences that we offer, and how we deliver those experiences. Most notably, it's the foundation of our learning philosophy, which has four core tenets:

  • Personalization
  • Experience
  • Applicability
  • Fun

To learn how we incorporate these tenets into Go!, our 8-week leadership development experience, watch the presentation that Virtuali Co-founder & CEO Sean Graber gave at the Catalyst Week in Downtown Las Vegas.

Developing Emerging Leaders


Our Team



Sean Graber | Co-founder & CEO

While working for Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Operations practice, Sean developed a passion for learning, mentorship, and employee engagement — on both a strategic and individual level. This passion led him to co-found Virtuali, where he helps companies design and implement talent strategies for Millennial employees. Sean also oversees Virtuali's research and contributes frequently to publications that include Harvard Business Review and Training Industry, where he recently won a Readership Award for an article titled L&D for the Next Generation of Leaders.


Kyle Borchardt | Co-founder & COO

Kyle is a former business development and enterprise sales executive who is dedicated to helping clients find innovative ways to attract, develop, and engage Millennial employees. He is also a consultant to Delivering Happiness, which helps companies transform their corporate cultures by maximizing employee happiness. Previously, Kyle worked for Schofield Media Group and several VC-backed technology companies.

H. Turner Muir | Learning leader

H. designs and facilitates Virtuali's learning curriculum. With over 25 years of learning and development experience, he has led strategic planning processes, brand planning sessions, new product ideations, and senior leadership development all over the world. Past clients include Actuant, Kashi, Johnson Controls, Midcontinent Chemical, MillerCoors, Polaroid, the University of Wisconsin, and Wrigley. Previously, H. was a Learning and Development Manager at MillerCoors and spent 10 years at S.C. Johnson in a variety of training and organizational development roles.

Ethelbert Williams | Executive-in-residence

Ethelbert Williams is a Category Leader at Kimberly-Clark and Virtuali's Executive-in-Residence. He has over 14 years of integrated marketing, media investment, and analytics experience across B2C and B2B sectors and was recently named a Brand Innovator (40 Under 40). Ethelbert is also a guest lecturer at Northwestern University, a Member of the Board of Directors of Northwestern Student Holdings, and a Mentor at Launchpad LA. Previously, Ethelbert worked for L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, and Unilever.

Alaina Love | HR STRATEGY Advisor

Alaina is the President of Purpose Linked Consulting, the author of The Purpose Linked Organization, and a nationally-recognized expert in leadership purpose and passion. Over her career, she has helped numerous companies improve organizational and financial results by connecting the activities and behaviors of an organization's employees with the organization's strategic objectives and core purpose. Previously, Alaina was the Executive Director of Human Resources for Merck & Co.


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