Lead! NYC Recap

On December 12th, Virtuali hosted the inaugural session of Lead! in New York City with participants from Bank of America, Arch Insurance Group, PayPal, Ketchum, and ScrollMotion, and NYC-based startups.

Lead! is a 1-day course developed by Virtuali and Emergenetics International that helps participants use their individual thinking and behavioral preferences to maximize their ability to influence others. The course is open to professionals of all levels who need to influence others at work, but it is especially relevant for emerging leaders who work in collaborative, team-based environments.

The day was informative, interactive, and a lot of fun. Sarah U., a Vice President at Ketchum (one of the world’s largest public relations firms) told us:

” I loved all the group activities. They really set the tone throughout the session by taking the more theoretical content and making it very relatable. The ‘Abbey’s Road’ exercise was the perfect example. We had to use a professional skill-set in a more personal and relatable exercise, and that made the lessons at hand much easier to understand and apply.”

We’ll be back in New York for another Lead! session on Friday, February 13th. Please visit our website for more information or to register. And be sure to check out some photos from the session below!

Finally, we would like to thank all of the outstanding participants who made the day a huge success!

-The Virtuali Team