Foundations courses teach fundamental business skills that emerging leaders need to excel.

Writing in the Digital Age


This course teaches participants to write effectively by addressing their audience, structure, style, tone, and grammar. Participants will come away with a framework for writing the most common types of communications (e.g., emails, presentations, reports).

Data Analysis and Visualization

8 hours | In-person or virtual

This course teaches participants how to use Microsoft Excel to understand, cleanse, analyze, and visualize data. They will learn Excel's basic functionality and advanced functionality, including: pivot tables, conditional statements, optimization, and dynamic dashboards.

Creating Engaging Presentations

4 Hours | In-person or virtual

In this course, participants focus on developing impactful presentations. The workshop provides an introduction to the Minto Pyramid Principle (i.e., situation, complication, question, and answer) for logical structuring and storyboarding for sequencing and flow.

Business Case Challenge

8 hours | In-person or virtual

The Business Case Challenge is an activity that enables participants to solve a business problem in groups. In the process, they will hone their writing, data analysis, and presentation skills.