Help us understand the attitudes, aspirations, and needs of the rising generation of Millennial leaders.

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Leadership Definition
1. What is your definition of leadership? *
Leadership Aspirations
2. Do you aspire to be a leader in your career? *
3. What is your biggest MOTIVATION to be a leader? *
4. What is your biggest RESERVATION about being a leader? *
5. Which type of leader do you aspire to be? *
Leadership Development
6. What are the 3 most important leadership skills? *
7. What are your 3 strongest leadership skills? *
8. What are your 3 weakest leadership skills? *
9. What type of training would be most effective for your development as a leader? Please select your top 3 choices. *
10. Are you satisfied with the leadership development opportunities at your company? *
Your Company's Leadership
11. Does your company suffer from poor leadership at the executive level (e.g., CEO, COO, etc.)? *
12. What are the biggest problems with your company's leaders? Please select all that apply. *
Additional Information
13. Would you prefer to work for a company with fewer layers of management or more layers of management? *
Demographic Information
16. What is your gender? *
18. Which of the following best describes your current job level? *
19. Approximately how many employees work at your company? *