Go! is an 8-week, part-time program that prepares learners to lead global teams. It features interactive instruction, a team project, and 2 weeks of international immersion.

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Employees today (particularly Millennials) are looking for employers that inspire passion and allow them to fulfill their professional, personal, and social goals.
— Deloitte University Press

Curriculum structure

Go! is an 8-week program that is divided into four modules. Similar to a part-time MBA, participants continue to work full-time throughout the program – even while they are abroad. This structure minimizes the impact to participants' day-to-day responsibilities and enables participants to apply their learning on the job in real time. To learn more about how one company used Go! to develop and engage its emerging leaders, read our case study in Chief Learning Officer Magazine.



Module #1: Leadership branding (week 1)

Go! empowers participants to discover their individual "leadership brand" through self-assessment, a 360-degree review, and one-on-one sessions with one of our professional coaches.



Module #2: Virtual Team Leadership (weeks 2 to 6)

Go! prepares participants to lead virtual teams through a combination of live classes and an extended team project. Because participants continue to work full-time, they can apply concepts on the job in real time.



Module #3: Global Immersion (Weeks 7 to 8)

Participants spend 2 weeks abroad at one of Virtuali's international campuses. They attend MBA classes, visit companies, volunteer with NGOs, and participate in other activities that expose them to international business.



Module #4: Alumni Program

The Go! alumni program provides access to professional development activities, professional coaching, and a global network of peers and mentors.


The incentive to stay with one employer for a long time hinges on how committed that employer is to providing a breadth of experiences and creating the best environment for employees to grow.
— Omeed K., Financial Analyst

Ideal Candidates

We designed Go! for emerging leaders. The ideal Go! candidate has between 3 and 12 years of professional work experience and is considered a high-potential or future leader.

SELECTION and retention

We will help you to determine the best way to identify and select candidates. We also help structure "retention clauses," which protects your investment in your emerging leaders.

International Relocation

We provide local airport transportation, orientation, cell phone service, housing, workspace, travel insurance, and 24/7 local support. The only additional costs are airfare and daily living expenses.


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