Go! University is a one-of-a-kind professional development experience for university students. It combines the best elements of a summer internship, a leadership development program, and study abroad.

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These experiences also set the stage for young people all over the world to come together and work together to make our world stronger, because make no mistake about it... the defining challenges of our time are shared.
— First Lady Michelle Obama

learning outcomes

Over the course of one month, participants will discover their individual strengths, learn crucial workplace skills, and acquire meaningful international work experience. Ultimately, Go! University positions participants to have a leg up on other job applicants and teaches them the important “soft skills” that will make them successful in the workplace.

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The first phase of Go! University (weeks 1 and 2) is conducted virtually. It includes a combination of self-assessment, one-on-one coaching, and classes. During the second phase (weeks 3 and 4), participants travel abroad to Buenos Aires, where they take part in a variety of highly immersive and experiential activities.

Throughout the program, participants also work on a consulting project for an Argentine company, which they present to a panel that consists of their clients, other industry leaders, and business school professors.


MODULE #1: personal BRANDING (pre-work)

Participants discover their "personal brand" through the completion of the Emergenetics Profile and a series one-on-one sessions with our professional coaches.

MODULE #2: professional development (WEEKs 1 and 2)

Participants prepare for success in the workplace by attending classes on a variety of topics – including interviewing skills, working in teams, business writing, and presentation development – and completing a team-based consulting project for an Argentine company.


Participants spend 2 weeks abroad at Virtuali's international campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They attend MBA classes at IAE Business School, build low-income housing during weekend-long philanthropic retreat with Un Techo Para Mi País, visit leading companies, compete in a team rowing activity with a former Olympic rowing coach, and participate in other activities that expose them to international business and culture issues.


The alumni program provides access to professional development activities, professional coaching, and a global network of peers and mentors.


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Living in another country, you learn to deal with a variety of people. You learn to listen, be proactive, be patient, be assertive. All those are translatable skills.
— Howard Wallack, VP at the Society for Human Resource Management

Ideal Candidates

We designed Go! University for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at top-tier U.S. universities who are interested in developing their professional skills and learning about international business.

International Relocation

We provide local airport transportation, orientation, cell phone service, housing, workspace, travel insurance, and 24/7 local support. The only additional costs are airfare and living expenses.


Join our summer 2015 cohorts in Buenos Aires.