Influence courses equip participants with insights and skills to collaborate with others and lead teams.

Languages of Appreciation


Over 70% of employees report that they receive no praise or recognition at work. In this course, participants take an assessment to discover how they naturally show appreciation and recognition. They learn about each of the five "languages" and how to use them to communicate with others and create a positive work environment.

Leading through Influence

8 hours | In-person or virtual

This course helps participants to develop a greater understanding of their personal preferences and learn how to maximize their influence through the use of Virtuali's AAA Model, which teaches them to consider their audience, plan their agenda, and balance their approach.

Courageous Conversations

4 Hours | In-person or virtual

Presenting a dissenting idea to a manager, addressing conflict with a colleague, or providing feedback on an individual's performance can be difficult. This course prepares participants to handle these interactions skillfully and effectively based their personal styles and on the situation itself.

Influence Challenge

8 hours | In-person or virtual

In this challenge, teams compete against one other to persuade Virtuali to donate to the charitable organization of your choosing. Presentations are evaluated based on how they apply the lessons and techniques from the Influence courses.