Insight courses help participants discover their strengths, weaknesses, and passions.



The Emergenetics Profile was developed to measure how people think and behave. In this course, participants will develop an understanding of the science behind Emergenetics, discover their behavioral and thinking preferences, and learn to leverage those preferences to complete work, communicate, and collaborate.

360-Degree Feedback

4 hours | In-person or virtual

360-degree feedback is a powerful tool that gathers performance reviews from an individuals' managers, peers, and clients. In this course, participants will gain insight into how others perceive them at work and how to leverage that feedback.

Creating A learning Plan

4 Hours | In-person or virtual

This course equips participants with a framework that helps them develop individual learning plans that match their individual strengths and development opportunities.

Personal Branding

8 hours | In-person or virtual

In this course, participants will learn to clearly and confidently articulate who they are, the areas in which they excel, and what they are passionate about using Virtuali's 5Ps of marketing. They will also identify a personal "Board of Advisors" who will provide support and mentorship.