We publish original research related to Millennials, leadership development, and employee engagement and retention. 

We are committed to bringing a new perspective and innovative solutions to timeworn business problems. Our thought leadership has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc., the Huffington Post, and Chief Learning Officer Magazine. To learn more about our research, explore white label or in-house research for your company, or to discuss potential speaking engagements, please contact us.

The Two Sides of Employee Engagement

In this Harvard Business Review article, Virtuali CEO Sean Graber describes the company's new employee engagement framework, which measures employees perceptions and behaviors and maps them to nine engagement archetypes.

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Future Leader Survey

The Future Leader Survey, which is presented in conjunction with WorkplaceTrends.com, will help us understand the attitudes, aspirations, and needs of the rising generation of Millennial leaders.

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The 2015 Employee Engagement Project features the first survey to measure engagement in two dimensions: perception and behavior. Click below to take the survey or contact us to discuss how we can bring the survey to your company.

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Why Remote Work Thrives in Some Companies and fails in others

In this Harvard Business Review article, Virtuali CEO Sean Graber outlines the three core principles for collaborating virtually: communication, coordination, and culture.

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Engaging Millennials through Leadership Development

This is the first report in a series on Millennials. It explores their leadership values, strengths and weaknesses, and the training they are receiving from employers. The next report will focus on the engagement of Millennial employees.

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It's Not HR's Job to be Strategic

In many companies, Human Resources is broken. In this Harvard Business Review article, Virtuali CEO Sean Graber explores this problem and suggests that splitting Human Resources may be the solution for some companies.

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Leadership Development Strategy Assessment

Engaging Millennials through Leadership Development is based on the Leadership Development Assessment. We can deploy the survey to your organization, provide a free assessment, and make recommendations for your leadership development strategy.

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How much does turnover actually cost?

The cost of turnover is difficult to quantify. Direct costs, such as recruiting fees, are easy to calculate, but they're only the tip of the iceberg. Many other indirect costs lurk below the surface, and others, such as decreased morale, are impossible to measure.

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Estimate the cost of turnover

The Cost of Turnover Worksheet helps to estimate the cost of employee turnover. After filling out the form, we will provide a free report and 30-minute consultation to review the analysis and discuss cost-reduction strategies.

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